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We help service companies realise digital transformation and expansion through proven change management techniques and effective hands-on procedures.

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What you need is someone who speaks the language of the people.

Technical insights can be translated into ‘corporate-speak’ and unpacked by a qualified intermediary, preventing problems arising from poor communication or understanding.

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We understand the steps and principles behind change management, especially from a digital perspective. 

We have worked with a cross-section of businesses, identifying and solving problems upstream before they impact the business.

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effective communication


We have insider knowledge which allows us to strategise, plan and implement the type and quantity of content that your unique business requires.

The right content supports the sales team and enhances customer service.

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Do any of these painful points below strike a chord?

  • I lack clarity and organisation in my business marketing.
  • There is no cohesion between marketing, service and sales.
  • The technology I am being sold does not fit my desired business outcome.
  • My competition is “doing digital” better than we are.
  • My customer service is suffering because we are unable to make the changes we need to fast enough.
  • I know I need to expand technologically, but I don’t know where to start.

If you’re battling with any of these problems, it’s not your fault. Most businesses moving into the digital realm find the choices, processes and red tape almost incomprehensible.

However, today’s customers demand more, so either you find a way to enter the digital dominion or close your doors. It really is that simple.


Pathfinder digital, headed up by Graham Ellsmore, is the multi-headed solution you have been searching for.


We ensure that your requirements are defined and met at every level, including:

  • Determining business transformation or evolution goals
  • Aligning different workstreams around a common strategy
  • Safely evaluate suppliers to minimise investment risk
  • Determining the impact of technology on your operating model
  • Establish the timing and approach to scaling business services which are driven by technology.

Our aim is to provide you with a practical, forward-looking vision of customer experience automation from marketing to service, and from concept to business transformation.

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I had the pleasure of working with Graham in the custom integration of Eloqua with our CRM system. As a member of the team he was both helpful and professional. His attention to detail helped us from creating the business requirements to testing and finally implementing of the systems integration. His contributions to the integration were always competed on or before time and with with accuracy.

Elizabeth Lynch,

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  • Corporate level experience across all areas of CX
  • Professional marketing grade communication skills applicable internally and externally
  • Technology as a business
  • People facing at all levels of seniority
  • Digital Management consulting
  • Combining these elements together into a unified approach which breaks down walls within an organisation

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